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    How to apply air filter in soil treatment to solve environmental protection problem effectively

    How to apply air filter in soil treatment to solve environmental protection problem effectively

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    How to apply air filter in soil treatment to solve environmental protection problem effectively


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    Soil pollution refers to the discharge of waste gas, waste water and solid waste from human production and life into the soil system. When the amount exceeds the self-purification capacity of the soil, it will destroy the balance of soil composition and soil function, and cause harm to animal, plant and human health. According to different types, it is divided into three categories: urban site, cultivated land, and mine pollution. Data from the Ministry of Environmental Protection in recent years show that the national pollution rate exceeds 16.1%.


    Causes of soil pollution:

    (1) Industrial pollution;

    (2) Sewage irrigation;

    (3) Use of pesticides and fertilizers.


    Soil pollution consequences:

    (1) Threatening human health through water and atmosphere. Soil pollutes the air through evaporation, and as water flows into rivers, it pollutes the atmosphere and water resources that residents depend on.

    (2) Pollution of groundwater. After a long period of infiltration, pollutants in the soil flow into the groundwater, posing a threat to drinking water safety.

    (3) Food safety issues arise. Cultivated land pollution not only reduces grain production, but also pollutes the crops grown, threatening human health.

    (4) The land is left unused.


    Soil treatment is urgent, among which, sludge dryer is a common active way, whether municipal construction, industrial production, or domestic sewage sludge treatment, has been widely and deeply applied.


    In the process of dewatering and drying various sludge, the dryer removes the moisture and harmful substances in the sludge, and can also keep the original nutrient cost in the material from being lost. The moisture content of the sludge treated by the dryer is extremely low, showing a loose and loose state. Not only is it convenient to transport and reduce the floor space, it can also be processed and applied in various fields to realize the value of resource reuse. But at the same time, the sludge dryer will produce a lot of waste gas during the operation. If these waste gas is not treated, it will cause secondary pollution. Configuring a suitable filter solution can effectively solve this problem.



    After verifying cooperation with many dryer manufacturers, Kinglei has concluded a set of feasible solutions: G4 filter + F grad`bag filter.



    We have been working hard on the road of environmental protection,


    Create fresh air, care human healthy -- -Kinglei


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